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Savannah Drinking Water Quality Report

Artesia Drinking Water Quality Report

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Security Protection at Savannah Elementary

Aerial photograph of the Savannah Amenities Center.


Savannah and Artesia are located within the boundaries of the Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #10. The Commissioner's Court of Denton County authorized the creation of the District in 2000, thus allowing for the development of the Master Planned Community of Savannah.  

At the time of its creation, all property in the district was in the Denton County Independent School District and given a Denton County City of Aubrey address, using the Aubrey zip code.  In 2004 the United States Post Office granted Savannah its own name but still keeping the Aubrey zip code.   

Artesia was annexed to the district in 2005. Since Artesia was closer to Prosper than to Aubrey the residents in Artesia enjoy a Prosper address. The area was already in the Prosper Independent School District. Artesia residents pay Prosper ISD taxes while Savannah residents pay Denton ISD taxes.  

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, and functions like a city by constructing and maintaining roads, water, sewage, and storm drainage infrastructure. In addition, the district provides many services such as fire protection, police enhancement, water delivery, and trash collection.  

The current tax rate for the District is $1.00 per $100 of assessed value. In addition, the District includes fees in each household's water bill for trash collection and fire services.

For information on the District's Investment Policy, please use the following link: Policy PDF

The Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 10 website was created to keep East Denton County residents informed of district and local government activity.